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Dream Tan – Bronzer

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Dream Tan Bronzer

Fluid cream bronzer. Suitable for fitness and bodybuilding athletes. Attention! It is also staining after drying. Therefore, it is not allowed in bodybuilding competitions organized by the IFBB (PZKFiTS).

Versions available

No. 1 – Golden Brown (Lighter) 2 oz. Jar (56g)

No. 2 – Red Brown (Darker) 2 oz. (56g)

No. 3 – Medium Brown Tube 4oz. (113g)

1. Apply Dream Tan cream with your fingers by applying dots approximately every 3 – 5 cm on the surface of the skin.
2. Spread Dream Tan with the palm of your hand to cover the surface of the skin. Dream Tan spreads easily, so hard rubbing is not necessary.
3. After applying Dream Tan, pat the skin with an open hand so that the color finally covers the skin – this stage of application is important and should not be skipped.
4. If a darker color is desired, simply apply more Dream Tan to the skin.
5. On the face, use a very small amount of Dream Tan and rub until the face is completely covered. The color of the face should be lighter than the color of the body.

On average, you need 15 – 30 minutes to cover the whole body, it may take less, but to achieve a better result, take your time. In addition, after applying, allow an additional 5 – 10 minutes for Dream Tan to “absorb”, the color will be better the longer you apply it.

Oils are included in Dream Tan to give the perfect shine and shine on stage. However, if you need more sparkle before going on stage, do the following:

Take a can of PAM spray and spray gently (from a distance of about 50 cm) on the places you want to shine. Be careful NOT to spray places that you may touch with your hands while posing (e.g. waist, quadriceps). The oil may condense immediately after spraying, but don’t worry – it will become invisible in a few minutes, creating a wonderful glow.


For better effect:
1. Get a basic tan (base)
2. Put on your black racing shorts
3. Apply an hour before performing on stage
4. Apply before warming up
5. Make sure your skin is dry before applying
6. Apply in a cool place
7. Make sure Dream Tan is well spread and absorbed into the skin before you start tapping
8. If you are doing it yourself, start applying from the feet, calves and work your way up
9. Use a very small amount on your face
10. After application, do not wear clothes and avoid contact with objects that may rub off the preparation.

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