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Jan Tana Ultra 1 – Small set: bronzer, sponge, green away

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To pakiet produktów przygotowany z myślą o kulturystach i zawodniczkach fitness przygotowujących się do zawodów oraz dla wszystkich osób które w krótkim czasie chcą uzyskać piękną intensywna opaleniznę.
W zestawie znajduje się:

  • Jan Tana gren away – odtłuszcza skórę, przygotowuje do nałożenia brązera, powoduje, że skóra lepiej wchłania brązer, co pozwala na uzyskanie głębszego i trwalszego koloru bez przebarwień
  • Jan Tana Ultra 1 (bronzer w sprayu 118ml
  • Gąbka bo nakładania bronzera
  • rękawiczki
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Jantana Ultra 1 – Jan Tana Bronzing Set

This is a package of products prepared for bodybuilders and fitness competitors preparing for competitions and for all those who want to get a beautiful intense tan in a short time.
The set includes:

Jan Tana gren away – degreases the skin, prepares it for applying the bronzer, makes the skin absorb the bronzer better, which allows for a deeper and more durable color without discoloration
Jan Tana Ultra 1 (spray bronzer 118ml
Sponge for applying bronzer

Jan Tana pH Balanced Skin Prep – removes dead epidermis and reveals the younger layer of the skin. It makes the skin look young, softened, degreased and prepared to be covered with bronzer.

Bronzer Jan Tana Ultra 1 is a substance in liquid form, thanks to the dispenser it takes the form of a spray or foam. The product has been designed to meet the requirements of bodybuilders who want to expose their muscles, their separation and definition well under strong artificial light. The product absorbs very well and allows you to get a very dark color without having to apply a thick layer. The set includes a sponge for applying bronzer.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase a single bottle of bronzer. This is a requirement imposed by the cosmetics manufacturer. It results from the belief that the peeling offered is the best cosmetic to prepare the skin and obtain a perfect color. Inappropriately prepared skin does not absorb the bronzer well and the resulting color is unstable and uneven, which causes dissatisfaction of users and has a negative impact on the brand image. Usually, 1 package of peeling is enough to prepare the skin twice for the competition, while 1 bottle of bronzer 118ml is enough for one start, which is why the manufacturer allows the sale of an additional bottle of bronzer to the set with peeling.

Jantana Ultra 1

  • the fastest and easiest way to a winning color
  • easy to use – dries instantly

Tutorial JANTANA

JAN TANA - Film Instruktażowy

“Tanning”  for competitions has never been so easy. The Ultra 1 color is so dark that there is no need to sunbathe in a solarium. Ultra 1 gives even pale white skin a deep auburn shade. Bronzer Ultra 1 is a liquid product. After squeezing on a sponge, it takes the form of a foam. It has been specially designed for bodybuilders to highlight the muscles, their separation and definition well under strong artificial lighting on stage. The consistency of the foam makes Ultra 1 very well absorbed and allows you to get a very dark skin color without covering it with a thick layer of bronzer, as it is usually done with. happens in the case of this type of preparations in the form of a cream (paste). After complete drying, it does not stain. To achieve the best results with the use of Jan Tana bronzing cosmetics, follow the instructions below:
1) A few days before the competition (about 3) start using the scrub. Rub the preparation into the skin, then rinse in the shower.
2) Use a moisturizing lotion after bathing.
3) Waxing, shaving or other hair removal methods should be done 1-2 days before applying the bronzer. After hair removal, use a moisturizing lotion to smooth the skin and soothe any irritation.
4) Before applying the bronzer, use a scrub and then rinse thoroughly in the shower. Do not forget to exfoliate the skin on the neck, back and armpits.
5) Do not use any cosmetics (soaps, bath gels, deodorants, etc.) immediately before and at all times after applying the bronzer. Cosmetics can react with the bronzer and cause the color to become greenish.
6) Applying the bronzer several times (2-3 times) will make the color darker and more durable. There should be at least 4 hours between applications.
7) After applying the bronzer, wait until it is completely absorbed into the skin before putting on clothes.
8) After subsequent applications, you can take a shower and rinse with water. This will allow the color to even out and lighten it up a bit (this color is great for taking photos). After the last application of the bronzer, you should not go into the shower anymore.
9) Before going on stage, you should squeeze a small amount of olive into your hand, spread it on your hands and apply it to individual muscle groups. Do not use too much olive oil.

Using the bronzer too late (shortly before going on stage) will cause the color to be uneven, too light and the bronzer will run down leaving dark streaks and lighter spots. If the competition lasts two days, it is necessary to wash off the oil in the shower after the first day. For a good look on the next competition day, apply the bronzer once approximately 4 hours before going on stage.

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