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Posing trunks – size L


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size L – waist circumference from 85 to 89/90cm, height above 180cm to 185cm

Bodybuilding competition shorts

Attention! Due to the constantly changing stock levels, not all cuts and colors are available immediately, therefore, when it comes to colored shorts, it is worth specifying two selected colors and the type of material from which the shorts are to be made in the comments to the order.

According to the new regulations, classical bodybuilding competitors of the IFBB federation are no longer obliged to compete only in black shorts.

According to the rules, IFBB amateur league players are not allowed to wear multi-colored shorts, but restrictions on the type of material (lycra, velor, etc.) and glossiness (shorts can be shiny) have been lifted.

Available models: European model, Brazilian model

Waist Maximally stretched waist Front width Front height Rear width Rear height
Brasil Welur    58         88         20         22        27      24
Brasil Lykra    56         86         19         22        26      24
Euro Welur    56          84         18         21        25       23
Euro Lykra    56          84         18         21        25       23
GASP    62          94         18         25        27       25

If you need a larger size – order GASP shorts! Their sizes are larger than standard (dimensions are given in the table). Add information about the choice of GASP in the ORDER COMMENTS. (Attention!!: GASP shorts are available only in black, European model, material: lycra – to choose from with narrow or wide waist straps.)





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